latest works

i've got quite a lot of digital coloured stuff this time :3

here some recent collaborations, art trades, commissions
drawing by Ilaria Catalani         


some update

Sketches, color tests, illustrations~
Oh i've seen the tv serie "Game of Thrones" and i really liked it; costumes, settings and direction are so nice!


Summer break

Quite long, i'd say.
After around 20 days of holiday in wonderful Poland, i just decided i was too lazy to update my blog.
Sorry.. U_U'
Here at left side i posted some preview photos of my trip btw. Rest (still) to come..!

And here's new lineart/sketch/experiment/whatever


summer holiday

i won't update for nearly a month since i'm finally going to leave for my summer holidays!
Here the last decent work i made.

i took some w.i.p. photos but deleted them by mistake -.-'
Ecoline + acrylics on Canson paper. Some dark and light effects added in Photoshop.


works in acrylics

3 pages + 1 illustration in acrylics from the school project.. yeah, i'm reposting 2 of them. This is a big part of the finished material from this project. Besides these pages, there are also 2 pencil pages and loads of sketches.


E anche l'ultima lezione è andata.. ora mi restano solo gli esami! (il 21)
Già mi manca la scuola.. u_ù

Pages from the project for the final year, painted with acrilics. I'm still working on 2 more pages for the exams. I'll post everything when exams are gone..!


some coloured stuff

speed color, illustrations and some ecoline/acrylic test~

First sketch is done by Ilaria Catalani


no non mi sono dimenticata del blog..

..è che ho 1000 cose per la testa!
Oh, finalmente ho uno scanner in camera ♥

Il prossimo post sarà tutto a colori.