Cover for Mangabook n°4

some character tests


old and recent stuff

Meera and Jojen Reed, A Song of Ice and Fire.
Agatha Penderghast from ParaNorman


Some traditional drawing

la mole di lavoro si dirada finalmente.. x.x'

Traditional media post. Some pics were done with Copic Markers, some with watercolour pencils. Scan killed the second type one.. -.-'
Yeah..i like Loki xD

from anime Mirai Nikki

quick self-portrait


Wow che assenza lunga! Ho lavorato per diverse cosine in questi mesi, queste illustrazioni sono alcune delle poche cose extra-lavoro che mi sono concessa.. x_x
Wow long absence! I worked for several things lately, these illustrations are some of the few extra-work i could do..!

Commissione privata. Ne ho fatte diverse ma nella maggior parte dei casi mi è stato chiesto di tenerle private in tutti i sensi.
Private commission. I did several of them but the most was meant to be kept completely private.


Christmas presents for dear friends, made with Acrylics on Fabriano paper.. xD